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Emerging Leaders Unite

You are an emerging leader. You are really always an emerging leader...if you are not, you must have stopped learning along the way somewhere.

If you are new to leading in your organization (department, own business, team), then there are many activities in which you can participate to get going developing your leadership skills.

Here are a few ways to tap into the smarts around you - all with leaders uniting for a common purpose:

  1. Get a mentor: many companies have mentoring programs so that you can build a relationship with another leader who has travelled the path you would like to travel. Their main role in your professional life is guidance, to build relationships, open doors and help you navigate the waters of the organization.

  2. Get a coach: coaches work with you to help you achieve the goals you have set out for yourself - sometimes this is a skill-development goal, sometimes it is a numerical or business-related goal. A coach can provide you with a sounding board, a safe space to explore ideas and hold you accountable to your commitments and action steps to reach your goals.

  3. Get involved: search out opportunities in your community to learn from others, join the conversations and become connected & self-aware at the same time.

Did you see what I did there? I focused you on determining what to do to unite with other emerging leaders - with the common purpose of growing themselves as leaders too. All 3 above ideas would not work if the people involved were not leaders themselves and of course, not open to learning from others....see always emerging!

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