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Bridging E-Learning to the Real World

E-learning continues to evolve as a go-to tech solution for onboarding, training and documentation of learning in workplaces around the world.

There are some great ways to use e-learning for tracking completion, quizzing/performance tracking, and of course, hours put into usage.

  • E-learning is relatively low cost, once developed.

  • E-learning is available on demand - wherever and whenever you need it, just sign in

  • E-learning is accessible

  • E-learning is awesome for technical training or mandatory training like policies.

Unfortunately, as with most things tech, they end up focusing on individual learning, scoring performance for an individual...and if everyone does not complete the assigned programs there is always a gap in who knows what, and when.

The disconnect comes with the fact that there is a lack of application - once I leave the computer, I may never use what I have just learned, or have to relearn from someone else. Couple that with the fact that you basically have to hold me hostage so that I will complete all assigned modules by the given timeframe and I am already not in a learning space in my head - I am more focused on clicking through screens, passing the test (if there is one) and getting on with work.

What if we could make it so that we took the online learning and applied it into our work immediately - wouldn't that make learning a priority? Even better, what if we were able to have a discussion with our team on what we are learning and create actions or commitments that would help us apply this in our workplace right away?

Imagine that?! I can....and so can you. I can show you how.

(I want to be perfectly transparent here - I work with Actionable Workshops as a key resource and tools that compliment my coaching practice. I LOVE them, and my clients do to because they can see the measurable changes in their leaders and their teams....not to mention how this affects the way they conduct business.)

Join me at the Art of Inspiring Conversation, or drop me a quick email and I will happily take you on a tour of Actionable Workshops - a great way to bridge e-learning into real world application.

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