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Make It Stick

You have a great leadership development program. Your Learning & Development Team spends a great deal of time working to facilitate great classes. And yet, you still don't see the principles practiced with the team.

The words sound good, there is just no translation to a shift in culture.

What do you do now?

You find an innovative and inspiring way to create conversations.

In my practice, and with my clients, I focus them on tools and workshops that are actionable...and they come from Actionable Books. You can see the details here & even sign up for a free workshop (value $300).

My practice is now 'powered by Actionable Books' - it is how to practice the coaching you get. Plus you get to (and I get to) see your results translated into feedback, commitments from your team and changes in behaviour.

Ready to start? Let's talk about your next step to make your Leadership Programs stick.

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