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How Open is Your Book?

How do you get everyone on your team on the same page?

A group huddle?

A monthly meeting?

A blanket email?

Do you have a plan in place that let's conversation flow in an organized manner so that you can help your team understand where you are in the book...and that way they can get on your page?

(See the image above, a bunch of closed books side by side? They are on the same shelf.....and that's about it!)

Let me tell you about the art of inspiring conversation. As a leader, you have an awesome opportunity (& responsibility) to engage your team by talking with them. Using business-book inspired workshops can get you & your team connected and on the same page.

How? you ask.

Simple - schedule a bi-weekly or monthly lunch session where you can discuss themed topics that help your & your team understand where you fit in your organization, how your purposes are aligned (or need to be realigned), how to show your remarkability, and many, many more business & life related topics that could change the level of development and of course, sales in your business.

Check out Actionable Workshops - you will love them. There is even a free trial for you to test one out. In the effort to be completely transparent, I am part of the Actionable Universe - I use the workshops with clients, am a consultant & assist in onboarding new consultants into the Actionable World. (If you want to know more about that community, reach out & I will happily share my experience and results!)

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