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Scrooge, The Leader

This is a pretty obvious choice for the NOT TO DO Leader, don't you think? Have you seen how Bill Murray not only ignores anything to do with leadership but also with human kindness and dignity. When the pages of the story are peeled away, the audience then finds that Bill has had not the best upbringing and forray into love, and finds his solace in being who he is....hiding from the person he could be if he could only just forgive and move on. Sound like anyone you know? Not only is this a story of leadership in his company, but also personal leadership - taking time to acknowledge how you live your life in the face of others. Watching this last week, I noticed a part I hadn't been ready to hear before - when Marley visits the first time, he talks about how he should have lived his life, how he should have seen the need to live for others. Think about your leadership. Do you lead for others or for yourself? Do you have regrets about your leadership - personal or professional? If you do, it is not too late to change. It is never too late.

Will you be this guy?

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