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Look in the Mirror

Is your leadership like this? Clear. Whole. Transparent.

Let me use some other words. Authentic. True. Of yourself.

Many leaders believe that they need to have a facade, a dual personality - that who they are is not reflective of their leadership, when in fact it should be. (Not clear and unique like each bubble)

Think of those old TV shows where the boss at the office is all snarly, smoking a cigar and belittling to the people that work for him. He then goes home and is all sweet and loving with his family, especially the family dog. Really - that's the dual personality. Why can he not be the same loving, sweet person he is at home with his team?

Some leaders believe that they need to personify power in all the ugly terms it can host.

Instead what it should be is kindness, caring and the ability to put others before self.

This is by no means belittling the persona that can come with leadership - but instead the 'power' is wielded out of respect and action, instead of conferred by title. And the bubbles of authenticity, who you really are shine through to help you (and your team) develop the skills of leaders.

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