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What Leadership Does Not Mean

Leadership does NOT equal Control

Control does NOT equal Leadership

Controlling your people is not what leadership is about - otherwise it would be 'controlship'. Leaders guide their team along the path, provide opportunities for growth and stretching...not holding hands behind their back and pushing them along the path.

Be aware of the difference. And learn to work through to the other side.

How do you let go of control?

What could you do to delegate more?

How can you follow up better?

What are the words you are using when you delegate?

What have you done to ensure your team is up to the task?

Now the hard one - how attached are you to the outcome and why?

Many times, I hear from clients that it is hard to 'let go of control' because they won't do it the way I do it.'

My response, invariably, is 'does that matter?'

As long as the work is completed well, on time (or exceeding time expectations for the better) and fits with the level of work expected & the values of the company, isn't it okay to let someone else run with it?

And of course, the response is yes.

What is causing you to be a "control - er" instead of a leader?

(FYI - this is a revised post from an earlier blog I hosted....thanks for reading!)

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