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Jon Bon Jovi

Map out your future - but do it in pencil.  The road ahead is as long as you make it.  Make it worth the trip.


This is my process.   The steps I take with you through MapQ will help business owners and leaders develop their vision of the future while staying grounded in execution of the present goals.  MapQ will get you moving quickly.


Find out more about MAP-Q.



"People quit managers, not jobs."

Marcus Buckingham

Actionable Workshops are based on the ideology of the Salaried Entrepreneur which is someone who demonstrates mastery over the six core competencies These individuals embrace innovation and change, and actively strive to provide an exceptional experience for clients and co-workers alike. They are your top performers and the future of your organization.


Through a partnership with Actionable Books, I am the first and only firm in Southwestern Ontario to offer Actionable Workshops - a series of interactive 60 to 90 minute value-packed sessions that will tackle the specific needs of your team.


Find the details on how to Activate Your Team with Actionable Workshops.


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