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After studying many wonderful tools in the marketplace of business development & start-ups, and listening to my clients’ frustrations around business plans, the numbers, forecasts, succession plans and more, I have put together the best tools to create GOALGURU.


We will work together (you can bring your partners or stakeholders too), to create a quadrant tool that you can use to bring vision & life to your business, grounded in the values and personal goals that you see as representing success.


Included in GOALGURU are communication tools, workshop opportunities, number trackers and more. 


GOALGURU is for you if:

  • You do not currently forecast your business (do you know where you will end your year?)

  • You have other stakeholders in the business and you all need to be on the same page

  • You have trouble articulating your vision & ensuring it reflects your brand

  • You know you have lots to do, just not how to organize or prioritize any of ‘lots’

  • You are in a generationally challenged organization & succession planning is not been not meeting the changing world.


GOALGURU is a very cool process that evolves organically for each business or organization.  I would love to help you get this out of your head and into action so that you can see the results you deserve.  Truly, business plans of the past sit on a shelf collecting dust or on a spreadsheet buried deep in the recesses of your computer files (would you even know where to find it?)


Let’s talk about GOALGURU.


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