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Time for Leadership?

Is it your time to step up?

Leadership is about time ....and making it work for you through your team.

Are you experiencing the longest days of leadership or the shortest days? Handling issues, putting out fires, wishing there was more time in the day or that the day would just end?

Now is the time to figure out what to do next, and stop procrastinating about tackling the issues and challenges.

Take 2 minutes, right now, and make a quick list of all the things you are doing because you always have - do you really need to do them or are they just comfortable and keep you from doing the things you don't want to do?

Now, make a list of everything you are putting off.

Why are you putting these things off? I can guess:

  • it may be uncomfortable

  • you may have to make a hard decision

  • it may have a lasting impact

  • you have never done this before

  • you wish it would just go away for any of a million reasons (cost, time to do, etc.)

As the leader, you need to put this aside, as difficult as that is... and here is how: break whatever it is into small pieces, then either gamify it (see how long it takes to get each chunk done and try to beat the previous step) or provide yourself with rewards for each chunk you complete.

You will see that most likely, by breaking whatever it is down, it doesn't and won't seem so bad to complete.

Step Up - some chunks might include delegating out the work....and you only needing to follow up....tough, huh?

Step Up - you may have to involve other people who are more proficient at the task...oh no!

Step Up - you may need to put aside personal feelings and emotions, make a decision based on facts and business impact....yuck!

I am not saying it will be easy. I am saying you CAN do it!

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