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'Engage' - the New Buzz

Engagement is a pretty well-used buzzword these days.

Here are two definitions attributed to 'engage':

- participate or become involved in

- occupy, attract or involve (someone's interest or attention)

What does it mean to engage your team? Where do you want them engaged, or not? How do you know if they are disengaged?

  • Good leaders find ways to create a safe environment so that you can share, be all in and of course be committed to the outcome & results.

  • Good leaders know that it can be difficult to share, especially if you are going against the norm with a different perspective - finding out the reasons to this perspective creates interesting conversation and a new way to no longer be afraid of stating contrary opinions that could have relevance to the discussion, action or results.

  • Transparent and open leadership starts with being able to ask good questions and listen to the responses without an attachment to an agenda or thinking about what you are going to say next. This helps your team get engaged & stay engaged.

  • Being able to read the signs of confusion, lack of interest, eye-rolling and non-communication can provide leaders with triggers that need to investigated...and investigated through conversation, getting everyone back onto the same page and understanding what is missing.

You can become a leader that fosters an engaged workforce. The first step is in understanding where - of the 3 questions above, you have the largest gap & start there.

I can help you with this at a LIVE event in September or 1-on-1 - connect with me.

Even better - share your thoughts on the buzz of 'engaging' your team.

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