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Words Matter

Words come in books. Words come spoken. Words can be tactile, like brail.

Words make our visions come alive.

Words help us tell our story.

Words are what make the connection between me & you - you are reading this, right? You are reading words....and you may even be hearing them in my voice if we have met before.

Words are important. They mean almost as much as the connections we make when we put the words together. Think about this:

Two of us can read the same book and it can have a different impact on each of us.

Apply that to a sentence.

Apply that to an email.

Apply that to a text message.

See what I mean? Words Matter.

Think about the words you use & how you use them.

Think about what comes with the words - facial expressions, gestures, exclamation points, ALL CAPS.

Think about the last time you had a conversation with your team. What were the words? What did the words do to the engagement of the team? Were they inspiring words? How about directive or commanding words? Or were they inviting, open and collaborative words? Were they strung together to make sweeping statements or probing questions?

Learn the power of your words and how to use them well to develop your teams. Reflect on the words you have read so far...and then the words you have used so could they be different?

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