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It's Not Business as Usual...

and it won't be for a while

You are leading a business in this new uncertain world.

You are taking care of your family, your community, your team and your business.

Where are you finding a few moments for you to deal with the distractions, the need to connect, the wondering about your business, and if work is getting done?

Fact is, this disruption, to say the least, is wreaking havoc on how you lead.  More importantly, on who you are & how you show up to your world - family, friends, clients, and employees alike.  Who is focusing a little time on you?  Are you?

All of our work has been impacted - they way we do, lead, innovate, create & problem-solve has changed.  I am ready to start the conversation with you. Together we can find a way to move forward.

You are invited to an open discussion on leading in this brave new world.  Take time for yourself for an emPOWER Session.  A 45-minute virtual conversation that will leave you emPOWERed to own your future, start building a real life plan to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

The power is in coming together as people.

The power radiates from sharing time and ideas.

The power emerges in renewed energy and even though we know we are not alone in this, we get energized and empowered to be our best selves when we can clear away the anxiety that leads to stalling, fear and hopelessness.

By the end of the 45 minute session, you will have gained 2-3 important ideas to action about how to continue to adapt your leadership so that together, we can figure out how to get to 'the other side'.

Send me a quick note to schedule a meeting. I'll reply with a calendar invite and a link to our virtual meeting room. Or give me a quick call 5195513800 to set up time.  You are not alone.  We can do this together.

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