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There are so many things to tell you.  It’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s go in order –though not usually my style!

My past is operationally focused – having led large teams for major international retailers.  In my roles, I was the operator, merchandiser, trainer, facilitator & leadership development program creator.  I was responsible for team growth, succession planning and financial success. Fun, interesting & it led me here.


My current life is assembled around leadership – developing myself, my clients, my community & my family....and since January 2016 - learning & coaching with Actionable.


What you see is what you get. 


I am a happy, outgoing & fun-loving 40-something geek-girl who enjoys reading, loves stories, watching movies, hanging out with family & friends, learning about wines, sharing (and building!) new ideas and connecting with community. 


My future is still to be written – I’ve set goals and know where I am headed, while taking each day as it comes so that I can live in the moment and savor each second.


My motto is:


 ‘relationships first, business second’ 


I focus on 3 things always:


  • people are important (be open to who is around you)

  • listening is important  (be curious)

  • growing everyday is important (take chances, failure is success in the making, learn& read)


You can connect with me here, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, & on Twitter.

Sharing is caring – my husband says that – so share along with me – let’s grow together.

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