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BRAVA Membership Details


6 Focused Modules as a guide for each team session:

  leading teams ~ accountability ~ building relationships ~ business planning ~ growing your team ~ work + life

"Brain Dump" Session


In this 2 hour private session we will get everything out of your head.

After that, we will work on prioritization, understanding links to the overall vision and mapping out a quarterly plan to get you started.



Brava Team Sessions


We start off with a meet & greet session that explores obstacles, challenges, success and celebrations.  We move on to talk about the vision of each business leader and determine common objectives to plan out the rest of the year.


Each 1/2 Day session is open discussion, with a recap of events and progress with action steps, including obstacles and eye-openers.  From there, we move on to the next subject the Brava Team has selected.


Private Coaching Sessions


We will take off from the launch point of GoalGuru (the one developed from your 'Brain Dump' session.  Private coaching sessions last up to 90 minutes and take place where it's most convenient for you - live or virtually.


Not only will we work on the specifics of your action plan, we can also spend time focusing on everything else in your life - your team, your personal goals, your development's unlimited.  I am a firm believer that you are who you are at work, at play & everywhere in life.  This is your opportunity to let your authentic self shine.



  • Unlimited email access 

  • Applicable taxes will be added upon invoicing

  • Monthly & Quarterly invoices are provided on the 1st of each period, to be paid within 10 days

  • All BRAVA Team Members are expected to attend each group session - the only way everyone will get the best benefit is by staying focused on outcomes and experiences discussed during the session.

  • Sharing of tools, resources and experiences welcome at any time.  

  • All BRAVA Team Members must sign a simple non-disclosure agreement.  We treat all sessions as held in 'the cone of silence!'

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