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 The Smartest Women in Business Do This One Thing


They bravely seek connection & interaction with other

high performing women business leaders.

Introducing BRAVA

An intimate mastermind for fearless women in executive leadership positions

Women Only

We work differently...we collaborate through empathetic communication, we focus on the outcomes of the whole, we plan and create, we reflect and course correct....and we deliver results, on time & move on to what's next. 

No Boys Allowed

At the same time, as women in leadership roles, whether in our own business or at senior levels in amazing organizations, we still need a place to sound out ideas, gain new perspectives, share frustrations and learn from the experiences of other high performing women with similar challenges.  Let's face it, guys think & act differently (in business or not!) than we do. 

Are you brava?


a standing ovation & applause that is heard around the room and beyond


a female business leader who is focused on becoming her best & juggling everything that life throws at her.


a woman ready to share experiences to help benefit others around her.


confidence to be who you are & know there is room to grow in every part of life


courage to face yourself & find yourself again and again


if this sounds like you - you are Brava!  Take the Next Step.

Do It. Do the One Thing

This is a unique experience.  And it comes tailored to ensure that the right women are in the right team to maximize their learning, sharing and growth.  All team members are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement - confidentiality is paramount to openness & success.

All teams are made up of non-competing businesses.


Virtual Teams and Live Teams kick off only once a year.

Send me a quick email .   I'll get back to you asap.

Join me and 4 other dynamic, energetic, smart women in business who are ready to tackle the challenges they face head on... ceilings....authentic leadership....juggling life...implementing the hard decisions....letting go of control without abdicating responsibility....

...and so many more pain points, I am sure you could add your own!


Together we will meet every other month for a 2 hour Brava Session that will explore these and many other issues (because you & your savvy Brava team!) will set the agenda.


Privately, you & I will meet in the alternating months to tackle your own goals, overcome obstacles along the way and of course, create a solid vision of YOUR future - for your business & for You.


Are you ready to get together on this?


2 hour 

"Brain Dump"


This is our chance to get your vision (and everything else) out of your head so that you are ready to connect with the Brava team.


1/2 Day

Brava Team 


In Person or Virtually, we will all connect and work through the Brava Team agenda that you set together.


Private Coaching 


You control this time - in person or virtually.  What you want to focus on sets our pace!

Also included:  unlimited email access where you can connect with me regarding questions, feedback and ideas.  You can also schedule quick phone calls (10 minutes or less, please) to recap or discuss the emails too.

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